Ironman Austria 2008 10th Anniversary

Klagenfurt is a beautiful place for an Ironman. Why ? Because the Europapark has enough space to place the bike park, transition area , finish line and at least the marketplace to improve your gear. Coming to the race, the pack has been release 1min. ahead of the start into the water to go nearly 30meters to the startline for the waterstart. The pros starting infront of the agegroupers. You must be a quick starter , because the first 500m is a battle for survive. The first turn is after 1400m and it remains crowded. After the second turn back numbers of competitors getting weak and you can start to do your own race. The last 900m you have swim into a sewer. Out of the water find your bag head to the transition tent. There is almost 100m to run from the transition to your bike place. On the bike course there are 2 hills to climb on 2 rounds of 90km. Altimeter is about 1775HM in total. The first part is along the lake wörthersee.on the right side. Sometimes you get a nice view down to the see.
With the time of 4:51h I finished the bike part. My first thought 'Oh what a killer bike split' but the look on the computer clearifies it a bit. It was only 178,5km. However, my new bike ran perfect and let me change motivated.
As you know often it goes in Ironman, the race is decided in the marathon. You have to run 2 loops. The course is totally flat and goes at first westward to Krumpendorf then back to the Europapark to Klagenfurt center.
Sometimes you hear the words rain during the run does not really matter. But that heavy rain was of course rearlly challenging for the competitors on the bike and on the run. It was difficulty to look at your steps permanently. But after the half the sky cleared and I was happy to come back to my running performance. WIth a run time of 3:26h I was speedy enough to lose only one place on the marathon. I finished in 9:23:45h on place 5 in the group M40.
Overall Ironman Klagenfurt is a quite good race. The spectators can watch the athletes on all 3 parts without long walk. They can stay in the Europapark going into the "Strandbad" watch the swim start . Then go over to the swim exit and see the first transition. The bike turn is directly at the park again and the running goes through it again. Only the catering in the athletes garden after the race can be improved.
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