Ironman Wisconsin 2008

A Race in a beautiful student city and interesting country side around. Madison is a small town with a community who love sports .

I don't want to explain the course in detail, because you will read a lot in the web. This needs to be known when taking a chance there. You have to climb 2000HM on the bike, which can be called a roller coaster course. The run isn't flat and you have to climb the campus hill. This cost a lot of energy. Do not trust other explanation. It's hard enough especially when it is hot.

Below this is where you have to run up for transition and drive through during the bike part. It is the Monona Terrace conference building with the parking lot.

Run all the way down before you can jump on the bike.
Day before Race
The Athletes guide for transition placed pre race day during bike checkin. There was no information in front. That is the way the Orga inform their athletes. No more to say ...
The transition bags inside the Monona Terrace.
Markus Fachbach (l.) from Dresdner Kleinwort Team was lucky to get the pro slot for 2009.
Races can be tough if you imagine to run 2 miles on bare feet into T2 after a bike crash. But you are an Ironman and don't stop until the finish line ...
Thanks to my wife for let me go. It was nice, tough and a perfect study for me. Thanks to Astrid to make the Carbo loading possible. And last but not least my room partner Sven for all. I will look at your movement.
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